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Our Footpath Warden is Trevor Smith. He monitors footpath condition and issues for attention, provides reports to the Parish Council, and liaises with the Suffolk County County officer responsible. We are also fortunate to have a group of volunteers who assist the process of condition reporting and light maintenace, co-ordinating with Suffolk County Council Rights of Way Officer Kevin Verlander.

Spotting maintenance needs on our Public footpaths.

Although many checks are already completed, it would help Trevor, if any walkers would let him know if they see any maintenance issues that enables him to arrange for them to be tackled early. Thank you.

 Contact Trevor on: -

Telephone: 07464 596243

Email: smith.2.trevor@gmail.com



Footpaths Map

The following link leads to a map which locates the public footpaths/bridle paths/byways in the village:

  • Footpath Map
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Cicular Walks Map

The following link leads to the new circular walks map:

Footpath Condition Reports

Reports from our Footpath Warden (Trevor Smith) on the condition of our footpaths

  • September 2022
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  • May 2022
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  • June 2022
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